I’m in: Because Success Doesn’t Depend on Me

Sometimes our past selves can be our worst enemy.

Stepping Into the Body

If only for the reason that they don’t ever have to stop playing a sound, it is commonly recognized that the stringed instruments form the bedrock of a symphony.

Sin is a Family Matter

Alexander Fleming made a huge discovery that saved countless lives, though it happened basically by accident.

Talk is Cheap

It’s “American” to be ruggedly individualistic, but is it a healthy Christian mindset?

Look Up: The Good and Beautiful God

Our view of God, as a result of difficult lives, tends to twist our image of God from One who is good and beautiful into One who is either angry or distant.

I’M in! but…I Don’t Like the Rules

If Christ truly cam to set us free, AND HE DID!, why does it seem like Christianity is defined by all these rules we have to follow? 

Fight Cleanly and Plan Well

Relational peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of honesty and open communication, filled with grace.

The Dilemma of Yes

For God to do something great with you, small can feel like an unnecessary risk…

Must I Be Floridian Before Going To The Beach?

Judaizers were Jewish Christians that insisted that Gentile converts to Christianity abide by certain Old Testament rites.

Fast Food Traveler

Are the concepts of predestination and free-will and “either or” or “both and” concept? We are looking at Psalm 139 to see what David’s experience is with those.
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