Be Mission Ready


Do you believe God has a purpose for your life?

2020-01-12 from Cape Alliance Church on Vimeo.

Often when we think about the mission of the church, we see it as a job for the professionals. The clergy or the missionary are the called ones. But just like the trench warfare by the common soldier, the mission of the church mostly fought in the home, the workplace, school, or the playground. Being on mission for God is not some clandestine calling for a few, but the invitation to all of us to live a life of purpose and make a difference in our work right where we live. To be mission-ready does not come without risk or challenge. But the reality of the regret for not showing up, if a far higher price.


Unleash Your Faith


A leash is to lead or restrain. The whole message of the gospel is that God sent Jesus to unleash us from sin.

So, is your faith on a leash or, being a little more blunt, do you have God on a leash? Faith moves us out of the boat—ask Peter. Faith moves mountains. Faith asks us to not walk by sight but to trust in the presence and promises of God. We must unleash our faith from fear, apathy, pride, or any other leashes we are holding that keep us from true freedom and experiencing fullness of God.


The Distraction Deception

Walking with Jesus is not an easy task.