Engaging Our Gospel Footprint

Every Christian is a window of the gospel to their world. How can we engage our Gospel Footprint?

How Can We Be Tolerant of People’s Differences

How can we in the church be so diverse, and yet have the same goal — Christlikeness? 

Show Me Your Glory

It is hard in American culture today to see life from other than a “Me First” perspective.  Let’s see how Moses was shaped by God for His glory.

Does God Still Perform Miracles Today, like Jesus Did

Do miracles still happen?

John the Baptist: The Man, the Mission, the Method

Jesus tells us that there was none greater than John the Baptist. Why? What does that mean and what can we learn from his example?
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Fast Food Traveler

Are the concepts of predestination and free-will and “either or” or “both and” concept? We are looking at Psalm 139 to see what David’s experience is with those.
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