Who is Jesus?

The Name of Jesus has impacted lives around the world for more that 2,000 years. Jesus is an exclusive Savior.

Five Traits to Win at Leading On and Off the Field

Leadership is often understood in terms of power, ambition, manipulation and assertiveness.

The Church Gathered

As we explore Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth, we come this week to a turn in focus in the letter.

A Love that Limits Liberty: I Can but Should I?

We hear people say all the time that they don’t care what other people think.

Let’s Change, You First

Mention the word change, and watch eyes pop.

Look Out: The Good and Beautiful Community

What narrative “image” of church did you bring into the present from your past?

Look In: the Good and Beautiful Life

What makes for a good foundation for a happy and fulfilled life?

Motherhood is a Calling

“Motherhood is not a hobby; it is a calling.”

I’M IN! but …I don’t want to end up like most Christians I know

If the Resurrection is powerful, AND IT IS!, why do people who claim to be defined by it struggle to be genuinely changed by its power? 

Easter Sunday

Did Jesus truly rise from the dead? Read more…