Why church matters?

A walk of faith is personal, but to be honest, it cannot be private. Not only has God rescued us from our sin and brokenness, but he has also made us part of his family. Kingdom life involves living out the one-another commands, which require living life together. Those commands help us balance the rhythms of a healthy faith and connect us in relationships that help us mature. Below are four types of group connections we have developed to help us be the church in our community and world.

Life Groups

Life groups meet at least bi-weekly and have a life cycle is 12-24 months. The focus is how to live out the gospel in daily life. Some begin the discussion with the sermon from Sunday, others a life challenge to shape a gospel response.
Life groups are intergenerational. Listening is a lost art. The gospel narrative does not begin with us. We need to engage with those different from us in age, culture, and personality to bring vibrancy to our story.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are safe places to explore God’s Word. A unique difference between a learning community and a typical bible study is that they are both process and content-driven. Everyone learns to read and study the Bible well. We have three types of learning communities.

101 communities are 4-6 hour workshops providing a birds-eye view of the first step of faith.

201 communities meet for 12-16 weeks to explore a topic or a passage of scripture. 

301 communities wrestle with gospel and prepare us to use your gifts and to lead.

Triage and Triads Groups

A paraphrase of Genesis 3:27 is that life is hard, and then we die. Jesus came to give us a different destiny. Triage and Triad groups are designed to help us find God’s preferred future.
TRIAGE – When life is hard we need an intensive focus. Triage groups address marriage, anger, loss, addiction, empty nest, retirement, etc.
TRIADS – Transformation always means new steps of faith. Triads are two-year commitments to accountability in deepening the three rhythms of a healthy gospel footprint, Look-up, Look-in, and Look-out.

Servant Teams

Jesus said our love reveals we are his disciples (John 13:35). We believe we need to love in action, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
Serve teams make weekly gatherings a success and collaborate to make a difference. We seek to come beside neighbors, single moms, kids, the elderly, and many other needs in the community.

Our area partners include the Cape Coral Caring Center, the Salvation Army, Lifeline Family Center, and Choices in Living Day Center.

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