What is the Student Ministry?

The Cape Alliance Student Ministry is for all students in grades 6-12. We are a group of fun-loving, goofy people that want to know Jesus and share His love with others. We do that, in large part, by having lots of fun! Our regular get-togethers Wednesdays at 7pm) include lots of time for hanging out and playing games. Yet, that is not what we are all about. We are about learning what it means to be a Jesus follower in today’s world. That is something we take very seriously. We also encourage our students to join the large family gatherings on Sundays at either 9 or 11am.
We’re serious about having fun. We have a blast playing games and hanging out. We’re also serious about knowing God and making Him known. We do a Bible study each week, because we want to know what God is doing in our world, and where we fit in to what He’s doing. We also challenge teens to get into God’s Word every day, and to live out their faith in their daily lives.
We do this through our two main gatherings, though we do make sure to also meet up informally just to make sure we can live our lives together in community. Our student ministry does a lot of other events too, like concerts, lock-ins, outreach events, service projects, movie nights, and camping trips.


Student Ministry Gatherings

Breakthrough! Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

Breakthrough! is a weekly hangout on Wednesday evenings for teens to meet up, have a good time and experience God in a new and exciting way. This gathering serves a few purposes. First, it provides a safe place for teens to met up and be in active community together (this is a non-phone gathering). Through our hang-out time and games, students learn social skills, develop deeper relationships and have opportunities to outwardly process things going on in their life. During the group time, we discuss important topics and issues in their lives through the lens of the Gospel and the whole-ness of Scripture.