Getting Relationships Right from the Start

Why are relationships so hard? Even among those who go to church — a place where people are to be known for their love for each other — we often find a high level of relational brokenness and dysfunction.


2019-02-03 (right click and save as to download)
Why are relationships so hard? From the time we are kids trying to get along at school all the way through adulthood, it seems that getting, making, and maintaining quality friendships is tough. Some seem to get lucky have a normal life, whatever normal means. For most, there are simply a lot of battle scars and fragile friendship, but we keep a good face. What we want is to have people that accept us, walk us through life’s struggles with us, and care enough to tell us when we are jerks.
One of the things you discover when you read the Bible is that God wants to be that kind of friend and make us that kind of friend for each other. But to experience that we need to UNMASK and face God and ourselves honestly.